Growth is of critical importance of any company. As the organizations expand, so does the demand for more effective management system, procedure, policy and collateral material used to support the franchisees. In a volatile market like today where the competition is getting tougher and customers are getting more resourceful, companies are finding it difficult to follow the market and expand their brand and gain new market share. In order to succeed, both the franchise owner and the franchisee must have well defined structure, capital, marketing vision, transparency and patience.
Many will say that one must constantly revisit that strategy to ensure that it reflects the needs and follow the trends of the ever-changing business and socioeconomic environment.
Companies generally are confident in their business strategies – they know what they want to achieve: more franchisees, more profit and stronger brand. The main challenge is how to get there, considering that every competitor is fighting for the same customer. Surprisingly, up till 18% of the respondents mentioned fighting Competition and Brand Protection as one of their
main challenges this year.


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