Customer loyalty stratgies

Customer loyalty is a customer’s commitment or attachment to brand, store, manufacturer, service provider, or other entity.

Attitude towards a brand is favorable that reflects preference and commitment expressed over time.Includes emotional attachment and positive evaluation. The most important is the trust – willingness of customer to rely on organization, the feelings of closeness, affection, trust and respect.The trust reduces uncertainty and risk and that is why is the most important factor to offer.You can earned it by keeping promises and lost it by over-promising and under delivering.Look at your staff as customers, because your employees treat your customers the same way you treat the employees.

Let customers know what you are doing for them.Whatever method you use, the key is to dramatically point out to customers what excellent service you are  giving them.You must mention all the things that you are doing for your customers. otherwise they may not notice.Write long-time customers personal,handwriting notes frequently.Keep your emails personal.Remember special occasions and surprise your customer with gifts  of their birthdays, anniversary and holidays.

The end goal: Creating experiences that will make customers feel good about the reward product—and not irritated that they have to spend hours putting something together.The consequences of customer retention also compound over time, and in sometimes unexpected ways. Even a tiny change in customer retention can cascade through a business system and multiply over time. The resulting effect on long-term profit and growth shouldn’t be underestimated.



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