What is “Effective?”

For the purpose of this report, the effective development of a franchise support organization is a process which involves a variety of both individuals and groups, it happens over an on-going amount of time, and it can vary wildly based on the type of business model or industry involved. We have already acknowledged “one size does not fit all” in terms of developing this organization, but just exactly how do we determine whether or not it is truly “effective?”

The most fundamental and broadly applied definition of the word “effective” is to “cause a result, especially the desired or intended result,” or alternately, defined as “successful, especially in producing a strong and favorable impression on people.”

In franchising then, the measure of an effective franchise support organization is defined by the favorable impression made primarily on the franchisee constituents and the desired results achieved by both the franchisees and the franchisor. Franchisee and franchisor satisfaction with the quality and quantity of support, along with both network-wide and individual-unit financial success IS the definition of EFFECTIVE.

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